The Collector - Victoria Scott Originally at

Oh, Dante, you sweet baby angel.

Except not sweet. And not an angel. (But you are a baby at times.)

I read THE COLLECTOR in a day; it was fun and compelling and damn if Dante’s voice is not amazing.

Dante Walker is that guy you would think is a little piece of shit if you met him (or, I would), yet you can’t help but like him. His voice feels real, like how I know my guy friends think. Not sugar-coated, not even for the sake of making him sympathetic. A risky move by Victoria Scott, making a character the reader knew was being an ass, but it obviously pays off or I wouldn’t be writing this lol

Dante may be a jerk, but he’s funny and there are bits of good in him. And yeah ok, he’s charming. And hot. (Very)

Charlie is Dante’s flip side. She’s nerdy and likable and happy and all good things, like unicorn and candy. She’s also not hot. Charlie my poor baby, you are so strong and brave. Let me tell you something, I cried for this girl as if it were me in her situations. I cried like a four year old and I’m not even sorry. If you don’t like Charlie, you have no soul.

The plot was solid, and there were several twists I didn’t see coming, even though I thought the second half lacked a little of the momentum of the first. But, honestly, this book shines in the characters.

Dante and Charlie could have carried the book on their own, without the (awesome) supernatural stuff, which I think says a lot about how much crafting skill Victoria Scott is packing!

I’m only sad I have to wait about a thousand years for THE LIBERATOR. Why do I do this to myself.

Basically, read this.