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My love for Libba Bray is no secret. She’s hilarious, she’s clever, she’s basically a superhero (or is she already?). All this to say that I got THE DIVINERS as soon as it came out.

And holy shit ain’t it pretty?

THE DIVINERS is a complicated book. It’s told from multiple POVs, follows like what, ten thousand story lines? (I may be exaggerating) And it’s historical fiction!

Deer gawd so much to love.

Alright, let me tell you what made THE DIVINERS special to me this is gonna be long

Not to gush too much but unf that setting. The raging 20’s, with its flappers and jazz and slang, came to life in this book. It just flew right out of the page and wrapped you in its horrible glamour and left you youtubing flapper make-up how to’s… Or was that just me? Oh.

The plot is twisty and turn-y and wholly awesome. I can’t give anything away, but, even with all the POVs, it worked. And it was so creepy. As in, I definitely slept with the light on after I’d finished this book yeah thanks for that not

I want to talk a bit about the characters, too. I know a lot of people who said they had a hard time connecting with the characters because of how many there were, but let me tell you—I so did not. I loved them all, so flawed and broken and horrible and perfect.

I would argue that Evie was the main-est character of the book, but they all get the spotlight. (I’m sitting here wanting to tell you who my favorite character was and being very conflicted because ALL OF THEM. Maybe Jericho because sexy. But Sam… and Memphis. And Theta. And Mabel. And Henry. Ok, choosing is not a thing I do.) Specially, though, I loved how very fully developed all the character’s were. They all had history and story, all were main characters of their own plots, with feelings and mistakes and life.

I don’t know if Libba sacrificed cows to write this book or what, but it was flawless, and this comes from someone who read it with high expectations.

So, if you like creepy and historical and awesome, pick this up.

If you don’t,pick this up anyway.