A Dawn Most Wicked - Susan Dennard I don’t know what to do or what to say—except maybe this: I am entirely overwhelmed by feels.

H o l y p a n c a k e s.

I wasn’t even going to write a rec for this e-novella. I wasn’t! As a (loose) rule, I only recommend first books in a series, and while the novella can stand alone, it is definitely part of the SS&D universe. But I just had to.

Susan is such a genius. Or a genie, I don’t know. Maybe both.

A DAWN MOST WICKED was like the best type of candy, the sweet kind that makes you excited to get and is both completely satisfying and leaves you wanting more. and o boi do i want more

Daniel is just the best. He has such a compelling voice and skills and awesomeness. Am I swooning? I’m swooning. He carries this whole novella on his shoulders and I would read it just for him. I don’t even have to, though: Joseph and Jie! Their meeting! The formation of The Spirit Hunters! The ghosts. It was almost too much for my heart to handle.

And I cried. I knew how it might end and I still cried. Daniel I love you so much more now my poor angel

I don’t usually like novellas. They’re short and rely on me liking the characters enough to overlook underdeveloped plots (because of word limits and such, not always the author’s fault), so I confess I wasn’t planning on loving ADMW, even though I love everything Sooz writes and I knew she was fabulous.

I adored it.

And you will, too, so go read it. Now I shall sit here and rock back and forth, waiting for A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY to release. Also, can we say, best book titles?