Cinder - Marissa Meyer Original Post:

A fairytale re-telling! Exciting, huh? Oh, but CINDER is so much more than that.

Cinder is a mechanic, a cyborg, and a citizen of futuristic New Beijing hiding the first two whenever she can. And it works. I loved Cinder; she was a strong, endearing heroine with some very real problems and some fantastical ones—from the earth, from the moon, and some things in between.

The characters are solid and relatable, and the villain absolutely gave me the chills more than a couple of times. But that was counteracted by the awesomeness of Iko (whom I loved) and Prince Kai (whom I loved even more). And since we’re talking of Prince Kai—we are now—let me just say that he was so ADORABLE. Seriously.

Tired of ridiculous meet-you-and-BAM-instant-love scenarios? Pick this book up. Cinder’s relationship with Kai developed gradually and made me giddy. I loved them together and I loved them separate, which is saying A LOT.

I must say, though, that you easily figure out the main plot twist in the first 50 pages of the book, BUT it doesn’t take away from the plot. In fact, I just found myself waiting for the big reveal, wanting to find out how it would happen. And then it ends, and you’re left full of promises and waiting for the sequel, which needs to come out SOON.

I didn’t want CINDER to end—that’s how enjoyable it was <3<br/>