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I read SHADOW AND BONE over the summer, as soon as it came out. As a big fan of Pub(listing) Crawl, I’d heard of this debut novel when Leigh Bardugo joined the blog as one of the contributors and, oh boy, was it love at first sight. SHADOW AND BONE is everything I hope for in a book–entertaining, mysterious, page-turning, and hot.

Yes, hot.

I had really high expectations starting S&B. It had been recommended by the PubCrawl girls, had a lot of hype on goodreads, a great summary, a fantastic cover… so let’s just say that I was prepared to be disappointed. Instead, I found myself swept up in Alina’s story, to a place called Ravka where magic was science and a dark gash divided the country in two, where the best people where flawed and horrible and utterly perfect. I loved the world Leigh Bardugo created, I loved the characters (oh, Darkling), I loved the plot. I don’t think there was a single thing about this book that I didn’t absolutely adore.

I’m going to stop all this gushing before I start making heart-eyes or something, but suffice it to say that I’ve read S&B twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times.

And that I’d recommend it to pretty much anybody (in fact, I have). If that’s not enough, let us all remember that Bryke, the creators of ATLA and Korra, also recommended S&B to fans of the show–and if that’s doesn’t persuade you then you have no soul suck.

Also, I got to meet Leigh this weekend at the Austin Teen Book Festival and she was absolutely awesome and badass. So go read her books.