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Wow. Ok, can we just take a minute to appreciate what a gorgeous cover that is? Look at that font. I think I’m in love.

So I just started reading THE ASSASSIN’S CURSE yesterday… And finished it today. Early. As in, without any sleep because I just couldn’t put this book down.

I can’t believe I hadn’t picked this up before, it was so much fun. Really something else.

Ananna of the Tanarau is our main character. Abrasive, resourceful, and so very clever. I can’t say how much I loved her and all her kick-ass-ery—she’s absolutely amazing and flawed and oh God her voice. I haven’t read a voice as distinctive as Ananna’s in a while, and it shone through in her dialogue and her narration like nothing else. Actually, her voice is part of what makes this book so great, it engages from the very beginning and doesn’t let go.

Accompanying her is the assassin, Naji (can I have one, please?), who was hired to kill her but ends up being bound to her thanks to a curse. Yeah. Oops. Naji is so solid. He’s a assassin, a blood-magician, and you trust him from the very beginning (unlike Ananna, who apparently has a lot more common sense than I do). I kind of wanted to reach in a hug him throughout the whole book.

The secondary characters—Marjani the pirate woman, Ananna’s parents, Tarrin (I kind of liked you), Leila (I didn’t like you one bit)—are all impressively fleshed out.

And the world! Unf.

The world Cassandra Rose Clarke built was so vivid and so intense that I found myself confused when I put the book down and realized I was still in my room (and disappointed, actually).

It’s all done very subtly, too. Little details about the world being added here and there, the magic system explained in bits, not in some ugly infodump. Even the characters’ descriptions were like that: you learn the color of Naji’s eyes when you first see him, but it’s a while before you’re told anything else like that; both Ananna and Marjani are women of color, which you’re shown in no uncertain terms, but it’s not shoved down the readers’ throat like “look at my POC characters, look!” or “let’s have all other characters commenting on MC’s dark skin, yes”.

I guess what I’m saying is that I fell in love with this book. Utterly. and I’m so glad I have an ARC of the sequel thank God

And I think more people should, too. THE ASSASSIN’S CURSE was kind of like Dianna Wynne Jones’ CASTLE IN THE AIR meets young adult fiction meets badass heroine meets all I ever wanted in a book.

Yes, ok.

Read it and come fangirl, please.