Legally Addicted - Lena Dowling LEGALLY ADDICTED by Lena Dowling

2.5 out of 5 stars

So I'm no stranger to romance. Back before I came to the US, the only books that bookstores would continually import at home where all romance, not much YA or MG there. And as an avid reader, I would take whatever was there and eat it up like it was a masterpiece. I don't think my mom would have been ok if she had known the alarming amount of penetrating, and pleasuring, and lusting that went on in those books.

I hadn't read the genre for a long time, yes. But I definitely enjoyed it before, and when I was given an ARC of LEGALLY ADDICTED I kind of wanted to get that back.

But then again, maybe not.

Maybe I'm more jaded now (lol what), or maybe I just know a little more about what's plausible or not, but I just couldn't get into this book (Having sex in a homeless shelter? At your work office? I think we need to talk about what suspension of disbelief means and how far can you stretch it).

The story starts with Georgia coming off of a one-night stand, leaving before she's left, basically. I liked her, I really did. A professional who wasn't fawning over some guy? Who valued her career and her achievements? That's my kind of heroine. And it was all going so well until half way through the book where his mere mention turned her into a gooey mess. In her head, of course, which meant it was all over my narration. All the time. Overall, though, she was ok--and apart from some really dumb moments, I just kept thinking of Chapter 1 Georgia and hope she would come back at some point.
Bradley Spencer was the love interest, and probably where this book lost me. Millionaire. Accomplished. Heart of Gold. Did I mention millionaire? No way no way.
I'm not sure if I was supposed to like Brad (I'm assuming I was), but let's recap: He took Georgia to his bed on false pretenses, tried to seduce her while still her colleague, yelled at a bunch of Samoan kids for--why exactly? Such a catch. And, let's not forget, gave up a huge career opportunity for a girl he wasn't even sure he wanted long term? ... Did you misplace your common sense or, I don't know, your balls?

Whatever. I didn't like him.

The writing was solid, although I would have liked a little less info-dumping on Georgia's life, and maybe some plot tightening. There are some things that get touched on, talked about, and never shown: Georgia never interacts with a homeless person even though it's her biggest passion throughout the book (excluding Brad, that is); Jake? Where did he go? I thought he was going to be the villain; Brad never said anything about yelling at those kids or his blatant anger issues.

It's all things that would have made the book a little bit deeper, and the characters a lot more understandable.


Thanks to Escape Publishing - Harlequin and NetGalley for the ARC.