Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien Original Review:

I know what you’re thinking—Another dystopian society? Really? But bear with me for a second.

Let’s start with Gaia, wonderful Gaia. She is such a strong heroine, in the kick-butt, smart way people that have to make-do in situations they don’t like are. Gaia is a sixteen-year old midwife, strong willed, obedient, and immensely likable. There’s just something about her voice that’s really compelling, but perhaps the best thing about Gaia is that she thinks like a midwife. She cares about people, she cares about babies, and she cares about mothers (her mother)—and it’s that motivation that drives her to act against the Enclave.

Then there are the supporting characters. Oh God, everyone is amazingly crafted—the other midwives, Gaia’s parents, the Enclave people, and Leon. LEON *swoon* I’ll just stop here.

The plot is also wonderful, with little twists and turns that I didn’t expect, and others that I did, but loved all the same. I was literally in tears at places. And the overall ideas of the book are very well weaved within the main story. What happens when a population is perfectly in equilibrium—no migration, no selection? Who’s to say who keeps a baby? Why? Should we worry about the individual or put the survival of the population above all that.

BIRTHMARKED is Young Adult meets Genetics Textbook in the best way possible.

So, if you like dystopian, strong protagonists, sweet romance, or population dynamics, you should definitely pick this up!