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This book is sexy. There, I said it.

I met Kresley Cole at a Book Festival where she talked about this book and I thought it sounded cool. Then kind of forgot about it. I saw it later at B&N and recognized the cover so I picked it up to look at the first chapters and such.

The voice grabbed me from the first lines. It was so haunting and so creepy and I just needed to know more. I’m a sucker for unreliable narrators, let me tell you. Then it switched to Evie, who I really liked, and was also part unreliable.

Evie was a great heroine. She was normal and relatable, kind of like I imagine I would be if I’d survived the apocalypse—that is, totally clueless. What I love about Evie is that she was scared, thought she was going half-crazy, her whole world had changed, half of it now dead—but she still held her own. She survived. She may have been ignorant and naive, but she made do.

Any main character that can do that without collapsing into a pool of nerves is my type of character. She wasn’t the typical badass, but she was badass nonetheless. And I didn’t agree with all of her choices, but it showed she wasn’t perfect and I liked her more for it.

Her unlikely companion and pretty much the original reason I thought this book sounded good is a Cajun boy from the wrong side of basically everything. Jack Daniels was just fantastic. Major props to Kresley Cole for writing a character that could make my heart race in a few words.

deer gawd was he hot.

Swooning aside, I’ll be the first to say that Jack had some issues. Overprotective. Macho. A bit of a bully. What surprised me most, though, was that I liked him in spite of all that. Jack was an asshole and wonderfully characterized, and I didn’t feel like the book was telling me this was ‘ok’. I’m interested to see how the next book deals with this anyway, because of events that would be too spoilery to share.

Anyway, so you have these main characters and the rest of the gang (Matthew baby you are my favorite character) placed against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world that nobody quite understands, with people who claim to be the major Arcana from Tarot cards and have creepy, strange powers to back that up.

I will say, though, whilst the post-apocalyptic events are fascinating, you don’t get to that until about Chapter 13. I didn’t think this was an issue, since I liked getting to know Evie and Jackson and their lives before shit went down, but it does make for a slower start after the seriously chilling prologue.

I didn’t think I would like this book, honestly, especially not nearly as much as I did. But it flipped my expectations around and now I can’t wait for the sequel, which is coming out not soon enough.

POISON PRINCESS was like all the best things of sexytimes and horror stories (mostly sexytimes). I mean, honestly, what’s not to love?