The Archived - Victoria Schwab Originally at

I’m going to come out and say that I picked up THE ARCHIVED because I was fascinated by the idea of dead people being like books. I mean, creepy, shelved bodies? Libraries of dead? Supernatural librarians? David Tennant? Yes, please.

Wait what.

THE ARCHIVE is so pretty I could cry. The descriptions, the world, the words, everything just comes together and there’s so much atmosphere I just kind of wanted to smash my head into my iPad and wake up in this book. Alive, though, not archived.

Mac is a great main character—I identified with her loss and her attitude, and wished I had some of her badassery. She was fierce and curious and young, burdened with a responsibility she wanted, but maybe more that she sometimes could handle.

But let’s talk about my favorite character, which wasn’t Mac even though she was amazing. Oh hello, Wes.

Wes was so. much. fun. He brought a comic relief Mackenzie’s grief really needed. But, more than that, he was alive. Wes’ characterization was when I first had to step back from the book and just go, wow. Victoria Schwab had given us a few details about him and I was reading along thinking, “he sounds like the kind of guy who would wear this.” Guess what, he did. I don’t think you realize how important that is, he was so much a person in my head that I could see him doing things like I could with my friends. Wes, I love Wes. I want more Wes, please.

Even with the fabulous characters, though, I think of THE ARCHIVED as a plot-and-world book. The mysteries, the new places, the writing. It was so great, like stepping into a place you used to visit when you were young.

I only give this book 4 stars instead of 5 because the beginning was slow. It switched between past (when Da was alive) and present in a sort of Diary vs. Narration way that I couldn’t quite get into. It stops after a while and the book’s pace picks up significantly.

Still, this is a definite recommendation from me. I can’t wait for the sequel! why must everything be trilogies why do i have to wait so long