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(This book is not about The Beatles. I know, mind-blowing.)

Ok, so AtU is one of those books that I saw in bookstores a lot and it’s just so pretty. I didn’t pick it up until the second book was out, which turned out to be a Very Wise Decisions. I don’t have those often.

I was immersed in it. The first chapters—oh gosh the first chapters--are everything I could ever wish a book to be. Creepy. Mysterious. And with this, I don’t know, feel to them. They were fantastic. The rest of the book follows suit.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was really surprised by AtU, which really makes me sound like a snob in retrospect. The thing is, I didn’t read much Sci-Fi (in my defense, there wasn’t much to be had in the recent YA section), and while I liked some shows and movies, I didn’t necessarily seek it out. So AtU sounded great, but, you know, I wasn’t expecting much, is what I’m saying. I was floored.

Beth Revis is so so brilliant. This book is SO much more than just a space book. It’s a mystery! A murder mystery! It has amazing characters and the best look at the deconstruction of societal rules I’ve ever seen in YA since ever. What would happen is people where stuck in a generational ships for YEARS? How would their outlook change? Food? Mating? Genetics? Language? Hierarchical system? Yeah, ok, you get the picture.

The book is told from the alternation points of view of Amy, who just woke up from her not-traumatizing-at-all cryogenically-induced sleep aka yes very traumatizing in my opinion and Elder who I just want to smooch. I mean, he’s a great character as well. They’re flawed and compelling and full of opinions that don’t quite match up. Amy the Earth girl, and Elder the Godspeed-born.

Honestly, the real question is if there are any of you who haven’t read this and, if so, why?

Beth Revis weaved a fantastic tale, a story that stays with you even months after you finished the whole trilogy and are desperately hoping there will be more but know there won’t be because the ending was perfect and so you curl in the fetal position and cry. (I am talking about me in run-on sentences, yes.)

If all that is not enough, let me tell you that Beth totally also teaches real life lessons when she’s not producing awesomely-kickass books, like: Sometimes, when you try your to dye your hair purple, it turns green instead!

Life knowledge. Thank you, Beth ;)