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So I usually don’t do recommendations for sequels because I feel that if you’ve read the first book and didn’t like it, you probably won’t like the second either. But we all know I do nothing but break my own rules like 97.3% of the time

I figured, anyway, that since SCARLET is told from a different POV, this wasn’t so much breaking as bending. Yeah ok.

SCARLET was absolutely fantastic. This coming from someone with ridiculously high expectations for it, let me tell you. We’re introduced to, well, Scarlet, our heroine, who is completely badass with a gun and a ship and about a thousand pounds of awesome. I can’t express my love for Scarlet accurately—she was both hot-headed and logical, able and caring.

I honestly raise my metaphorical fist in the air to Marissa Meyer, for showing that a girl can be tough and sensitive. They aren’t mutually exclusive. But that’s a topic for another day.

Our other main character was Wolf.

Wolf Wolf Wolf. (Report: he didn’t appear after I said it three times. Experiment Status - Failed.)

I want to describe Wolf’s many qualities as a character, but I have to admit I am completely overwhelmed by how hot I thought he was. Really hot, that is. can we talk about the make-out sessions please swoon Also, poor little baby angel I just wanted to hug him by the end of the book. Platonic Hugs.

Cinder and Prince Kai also get POVs in this book, but you all know that I love them from my CINDER rec, so I’ll stop gushing. Oh, and Captain Thorne. Somebody make a Captain Club so I can infiltrate please. (And then invite Thorne and Sturmhond. Thank you.)

I think, though, what I loved most about SCARLET was how seamless the transition from one Main Narrator to another was. I loved Cinder, both as a book and as a narrator—but at the same time, I loved Scarlet. The were unique in the own and their stories were fully compelling. And it was fascinating to see this amazing world from another person’s perspective.

Basically, read it. Because reasons.

And then come cry with me because CRESS won’t be out for eons.