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I don’t even know where to start.

Maybe I should pre-face by saying that before PIVOT POINT I was going through the most horrendous reading slump of the summer. I couldn’t find a single book I liked. I read the first chapters and quickly got disinterested.

It was torture.

So I went on a search ha! and ended up downloading this to Jared. And then bought it immediately afterward.

I’m not sure what this book did to me, but yes please.

PIVOT POINT drops the reader into an incredibly imaginative world, where these psychologically advanced people reside just next to us. Literally. The live in a compound as part of a closed-off society, apart from the Norms (aka. us suckers who only use 10% of our brains). Kasie West’s writing read effortless—her descriptions and characterizations were amazing, and she built a believable world subtly and decisively. Sigh. So in love.

But let’s forget about the awesome world and writing; let’s talk about what had me squealing like a Chihuahua held by the ears—Characters.

Addie made me smile like nothing else. She was sharp and conflicted, but fiercely herself. I’m always so glad to find YA heroines who like books—and I don’t mean the Oh Yeah I Read Let’s Talk About Wuthering Heights That’s The Only Book I Know Tee-Hee. I mean, the ones who really like books, where it shows through their thought process and behavior, how they’re enamored with stories and words and bookshelves.

That’s Addie.

I want to say the two other MCs are Trevor and Duke (The Guys) but that would be lying because:

1. You probably think by now that there’s a love triangle and No.

2. Laila.

Number 2 first because I dislike order: Laila is Addie’s best friend. Like, an actual friend. Here is a character that does NOT get relegated back stage because of plot progression and/or love woes. Laila has her own story, she’s a full character with her own problems and, apart from that, she’s Addie’s friend, but that’s not her defining characteristic. HEALTHY FRIENDSHIPS YES.

Number 1 is just flat out wrong. This is not a book with love triangles. There are two guys, but Addie meets them separately in two different lives, which, you know, hinders the love triangle scenario a little bit useless.

I don’t wanna spoil but siiiigh Trevor my sweet baby i love u

This is getting rather long, but I can’t end it without mentioning what an amazing job Kasie West did weaving her two story-lines together. Flawless. I was just in awe.

I honestly can’t say enough about how good PIVOT POINT was. I guess you’ll just have to read it and see that i was right. obviously.

Also, somebody get me some fanart. Thank you.