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(No Spoilers)

And the Award For Best Titles Goes To… No, seriously. Something Strange and Deadly? A Darkness Strange and Lovely? 119% awesome titles, are they not?

They are.

Once again recommending a sequel! yay? I’ve been talking about this book so much that I had to. I had to.

So here’s what: ADSAL was Incredible, said in the breathless way love confessions are said.

I know I usually start these reviews by talking about my favorite characters and such—because, yes, I’m a very character-oriented person and that’s what I like. But I’m going to side-step that for a second and tell you about something else: writing.

Susan Dennard knows her craft. (I know this is a thing all writers are supposed to have mastered, but it’s simply not true. They’re learning, too.) In ADSL, Susan weaves her world effortlessly, word upon carefully chosen word (Ok, I don’t actually know if they were carefully chosen, but it feels as if they were!), she reels us in. Her sentences are sharp and clear, and not one of them stand simply as filler. Can I say this again: Word Choice! She steers the reader toward certain emotions and ways of seeing a situation, all while building so much atmosphere. I couldn’t get enough.

I think I’m getting emotional just thinking about the writing. Reader Me was enthralled. Writer Me was bubbling in a hot tub full of envy.

Characters were, as in SSaD, amazing. Eleanor is my absolute favorite, in her kick-assery and mistakes. And let me tell you something, boy does Eleanor make mistakes. But, you know what? I could see myself making those mistakes. I could see someone as driven and fierce as Eleanor make them. Because she’s not perfect; she is truly flawed and amazing. And she has brought to my attention how much I need a parasol. I do.

Secondary characters were so awesome and so many that I can’t conceivably talk about them all. I’ll try to summarize my feeling:

Joseph: Yes. Adopt me.

Jie: afhjadsgf Yes. Also, train me.

Laure: How do I care so much about you already? Yes!

Clarence: (I can mention you if I want to) Somehow I like you more now than I ever did before. Huh.

Elijah: Same with you.

Daniel: Did I faint? I think I did.

Olive: (I side-eyed you so hard, Ollie. No trust for you, but I still love you.) Yes.

Feelings, as I said.

One more thing I absolutely must mention: The Mystery. ADSAL had me hooked all the way to the end—and when I say Hooked, I mean In The Dark About Everything, which is exactly the kind of Hooked I like. Susan Dennard does a fantabulous job of giving you just enough to want more, but not enough to figure everything out.

Also, may I say, Thank you for a middle book with its own driving plot and that doesn’t end on a cliffhanger! I practically danced with joy.

And then weeped because I want Book 3 anyway.

Now go get this and suffer in wait with me.