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I should probably say that this is most likely the weirdest book I’ve recommended so far. Also, that description does it absolutely no justice.

CHIME was addicting. And strange. And wonderful.

It follows Briony, who is all kinds of messed up and unreliable, as she tries to uncover secrets hidden from herself and deal with the magic erupting all around her town. It follows Briony as she tries to deal with Eldric. It follows Briony as she breaks and rebuilds.

Briony is a fantastic character: she is both the driving force of the plot and the whole atmosphere of the book. And I know that sounds weird, but it is absolutely true. Her narration is unlike any I’ve read before, creepy and enchanting and heavy. She makes this book. Briony and her selfishness and her mistakes and her lies.

Eldric, as the main male character, shines as a contrast to Briony. He is light and art and spontaneity. He is the guy who pushes, who encourages. He was an absolute delight and so flawed. I almost wished I could have been inside his head, too.

And Rose. I cried for Rose. I cried with Rose.

I can’t really say much more without spoiling, except that more people should read this book and less people should be so intimidated by it.

CHIME is a strange book, full of fleshed out characters and confusing narrative and dark creatures that will make you revisit the fairytales of old.