Something Strange and Deadly - Susan Dennard And here you have something I never thought I’d read about: Zombies. However, let me just say, while this bookhas zombies, it’s not a book about zombies.

I had this book on pre-order and as soon as the clock hit 12:02am, it downloaded into Jared (my nook) and I started to read. Oh, boy. Bad idea. I’m easily frightened, you guys.

SS&D was simply amazing. It had mysteries and grittiness and glamour and magic. The world building was just right—at one point my mom called me (about half-way through the book) and I was SO confused as to why I was not running through the halls of the Exhibition. Also, Susan Dennard’s word choice was flawless.Flawless. It had the same sort of feel as Libba Bray’s A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY series or M. K. Hobson’s THE NATIVE STAR duo.

Easily my favorite aspect of the book, though, were the characters. I loved loved loved Eleanor, the MC. Like, let’s be friends and be scandalous together, can we? She was strong. And Daniel, oh Daniel, let me love you. And Jie and Joseph and even Clarence. The characters were well developed—all of them, even the villain-y sort who I hated but couldn’t help liking!

I can’t even properly review this book because UNF. Just go read it. Go.